The knowledge 4C carries is based on more than 35 years of experience in the Graphic Art and Printing Industry,18 years of that period at an international service point in the organisation of KBA.
We offer specialised service with a friendly and professional approach. We believe in the importance of delivering a modern client-centric approach. It's a question of competitiveness, proficiency and attractiveness that let businesses really grow, or just survive.
Specialising in KBA printing presses doesn't restrict us to offer service in print only. Process management, colour  management, process standardisation and knowledge about productivity and efficiency increase, is all part of that what makes our service complete. This includes extended knowledge about modern colour measurement systems.
As a representative for Montex Print, we are able to assist you in all your enquires regarding KBA's Sheetfed Rotary Die Cutting machines.
This applies to Oceania, South East and East Asia including China.
With a worldwide network among international operating print houses, we offer support for print brokers and -buyers.
Top quality service at realistic cost, for almost all your service-needs in the graphic art industry, is the strength of 4C Print Media Support.