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The performance of a press should not be subjected in the last place to the "health" of it.

Today's small margins, strict deadlines and challenging jobs require a guarantee that all settings are accurate.

It is crucial to achieve the maximum performance.
A scheduled visit, geared to your planning, is the best way to assure perfect running equipment.

Let us find the small faults before they start affect your business.


A press check should contain following items:

• Complete press lubrication
• Complete refreshing and reset of dampening system
• Reset of inking and dampening units according to recommended settings
• Check and repacking of blanket- and coating cylinders
• Check and/or replacement of plate cylinder packing
• Reporting on spotted potential problems
• Print test

 Print Test

You can book us to perform a print test on your (second hand) equipment. Use your own criteria designed in a customised test form or use our form that carries the parameters of professional press testing.
Based on the results, we can inform you about the current state of that equipment and/or about the achievable quality.