Operators are the key to your statistics and figures.

Retrain and upskill operators, especially on new technology, is essential to making your business successful.

Apart from all the modern technology you will invest in, your greatest investment is in your operators.

It is their product knowledge that enables them to troubleshoot, determine potential output and apply the perfect method of production.
Insight into the numerous features and benefits, as well as learning the nuances of the trade, will reduce wastage and increase productivity.

During this demonstration we can also commission your machine. This will prevent expensive downtime due to faults in a basic press setup.

Demonstration and commissioning can be booked for the following KBA Rapida presses:
• Rapida 185/205
• Rapida 164
• Rapida 162/162a
• Rapida 145
• Rapida 142
• Rapida 130
• Rapida 106
• Rapida 105
• Rapida 105 Universal